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My fave food mags!

The dishes can sit; the laundry can wait. Today, I’m taking a moment: all of my September magazines have finally arrived–it’s time to sit and read and breathe. The summer has flown by, school started on Monday, and my house is now quiet. Before you know it, the time-warp known as the end of the year will be here. It happens every year: September magazines today, Thanksgiving feasts adorning the covers tomorrow and Christmas issues next week. The last half of the year blows by faster than the first half and I want to enjoy it.


Before: six ingredients, one dish.

I spent years perfecting my homemade tomato sauce recipe using the “little bit of this, little bit of that” technique.  To this day, I don’t know that I could write an actual recipe for it since it was a tad different each time. What was consistent with my sauce was the incessant tasting, tweaking, and babysitting it required. Despite how involved it was, it was always better than the jarred stuff.

All of those years spent honing my sauce now seem futile: I have found a new favorite that requires far fewer ingredients, zero babysitting time, and even more flavor than the sauce that I lovingly toiled over.



Let me just start out by saying that I don’t like banana things; by things, I mean “things” made from bananas. I like bananas straight from the peel or in smoothies, but that’s about it. When I eat banana things, there is almost always an artificial banana-y quality about it that my palate immediately rejects. My husband, Ed, doesn’t understand it. In addition to eating a banana every day–yes, EVERY DAY–he loves all things banana.  This brings me to my story of the infamous banana bread and the recipe that made me a convert.

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