What Makes it Count?

Let’s talk dining out–it’s one of my favorite things to do. But, how many times have you planned a meal out, only to be disappointed by a mediocre experience? To top it off, you find yourself saying, “We paid how much for that food?” Sadly, since I became a vegetarian, I find that this is the case for me more often than not. Not only are the vegetarian offerings at many restaurants a letdown–or at times even non-existent–but also it feels as though the¬†spontaneity of dining out is gone. If I want to ensure a good meal these days, I now have to check a restaurant’s menu before I can even consider it an option. This has rendered me somewhat inflexible and a bit neurotic.

My Making it Count section is all about finding great vegetarian eats in the Tampa Bay area.¬†Any restaurant that I feature in this section is one that I have visited more than once and is not only vegetarian-friendly, but also has food that makes it count! Say goodbye to second-rate meals! When you want more than just a salad, check out where I’ve been chowing down.

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